The WorldIRC network was formed not to become the largest IRC network, but with the goal of becoming one of the most user friendly IRC networks. A small group of dedicated staff members are on hand around the clock in order to ensure that your chatting experience with WorldIRC is a pleasant one.

If you are looking for an IRC network that cares about you, the user, then you have come to the right place! Feel free to look around our website to find out more about what we offer you. Or if you'd just like to give us a try, have a look at our server list!

-- The WorldIRC Network Staff


WorldIRC are pleased to announce the addition of a new server to the network. London.UK.EU.WorldIRC.Org is sponsored by DX Hosting and will be administered by our current operservices administrator laser. When you play at All Slots you enjoy a easy sign-in, great games, convenient ebanking, multi-platform support and slots-online-canada.ca/review/all-slots-casino/ bonus promotions.

London has been successfully linked to the network for the past week in a testing mode, which has proven stable, and is now included in the DNS round robin.

If you are interested in sponsoring WorldIRC with a server, then please contact an oper in #help - we are on the lookout for servers in more areas of the world and for new operators with technical skills to help with the development of our next generation server platform.
12 Jul 2010 by laser

Changes at WorldIRC
Hello everyone,
It has been a long time since we posted any news and we are sorry about that.
WorldIRC is still going, albeit somewhat leaner that we once were.
We have reduced our staff numbers as we believe that we were too 'top heavy' with staff members for the amount of users we carry.
We now have myself, Laser, Pougee and N6RT.
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Also, we have reduced the number of servers we have.
Our old servers were just not stable enough to run an IRC network and the constant issues were costing us users. (And hair!)

We are currently running with just the one server, based in the UK, although we are looking for fast, stable servers elsewhere we have not found anything particularly suitable yet.

If you have a server that may be suitable for our needs in the US of A or Australia or somewhere in Asia, please let us know, we would like to talk to you!

Thanks for staying with us in these difficult times,
09 Apr 2009 by MaXiLeeCH

WorldIRC Website & Database woes
Hi everyone,
We have been experiencing some problems lately with a serious database error and with a severe lack of website and services availability as a result.
We are working on the issues and we'll hopefully have the problem[s] licked soon.
Until then, please bare with us whilst we go through all these problems. (There are a fair few, thanks to an oldish version of GNUWorld and other issues, including a failed HDD on the database server)
Thanks again for your patience,
28 Jan 2008 by MaXiLeeCH

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